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Customised Packaging & Custom Boxes at Wholesale Rate is the leading custom boxes wholesale manufacturer based in the UK. Our corporation is a one-stop solution for all sorts of customized boxes with your company’s logo and branding printed on them. Our skilled graphic design team and offset printing services allow our customers to avail of high-quality personalised packaging for their product. Being the top customised boxes provider in the UK, we offer Custom Cardboard Boxes, Custom Kraft Boxes, Custom Cosmetic Boxes, and various other packaging categories designed with best aesthetic sense.

Are you worried about your product’s packaging? We’ve got you covered. Just select the box design, shape, and size you want to use from our wide variety of products and get your Custom Boxes with logo on the go. If you are having any trouble in finding your required dimensions and styles in our Product Packaging categories, just let us know. We will design boxes with your company’s logo complying with your needs. With multiple add-ons and furnishing choices, you can easily make your custom boxes worth noticing.

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Corrugated Soap Boxes

Soap Wraps Packaging

Soap wraps are a very affordable way of branding your products whilst keep them protected from knocks and bruises. Use your soap wrap designs to reflect the ingredients in the soap and emphasise the nutural elements and fragrances. Smells good!


What makes Fast Custom Soap Boxes different is our Customer Support & Instant Service. A dedicated Project Manager is assigned to your project who oversees manufacturing & shipping to ensure all your requirements are met and your boxes are delivered to your doorstep in time.

Upto 40% better rates than the Market

 Dedicated Project Manager for each Order

 Multi-tier Quality Control System



If you are looking for the printing of Custom Soap Boxes for your business or personal use and want some unique shapes and custom made boxes then, the boxes printed by us are made right for you.

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Custom Soap Boxes with Logo

Soap Boxes is a UK- based manufacturers’ hub for the production of all sorts of Custom Soap Boxes with Logo in exquisite style. Your products will no longer have to be wrap in regular annoying boxes. We can make custom soap boxes in all sizes shapes and styles according to customers’ requirement and product specifications. Our printing specialist and graphic designers have the skillset to develop the excellent aesthetics to design and produce custom boxes with logo, in a most flattering manner.

As a gesture of our good faith, we don’t even charge customers for the customization of design. So anyone of you can come freely and get the hassle-free services. It would be worthwhile for you to experience the best services in the market in the UK.

You can also get Custom Soap Labels, Soap Mailing Boxes, Gable Boxes, Hair Extension Boxes, Cereal Boxes, Cookie Boxes, Soap boxes, Soap Sleeve Boxes, Kraft Soap Boxes, Bath Bomb Packaging Boxes, CBD Boxes, Lip Balm Packaging Boxes, Custom Lotion Boxes, Foundation Boxes, Eyeliner Boxes, & Custom Cosmetic Boxes with printed designs and plain.

What are Custom Boxes?

For product sellers, the custom packaging is a must-have requirement. They have to use customised boxes for their retail packaging needs. Even online businesses need custom packaging as they also sell various types of products. Custom boxes are utilised for packing, displaying and storing purposes. The word custom means customisation, as these custom packaging boxes are famous for their flexible customisation.

Custom boxes have changed the concept of wholesale packaging boxes. Previously, there was no such concept, and product retailers had minimal options for custom packaging. Several businesses have grown just because of their custom packaging boxes with logo. So, custom boxes wholesale has offered a lot to the retail sector. This is the primary reason every brand uses custom boxes for their packaging requirements.

Type of Custom Boxes

For every product, there is a custom box, and it can also be customised. Brands have the freedom to choose the custom box of their choice. Below mentioned are some of the common types of custom boxes.

  • Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard made custom boxes are the most common type of packaging boxes and widely used. As the name indicates, these boxes are made from cardboard and are very popular in the industry. Brands also use cardboard boxes for branding purposes. Cardboard is the material option that customised to a great extent.

iCustomBoxes provides high-quality cardboard custom boxes wholesale at the best prices. You will have the freedom to customise cardboard made custom boxes. Choose a unique shape such as rectangle shape cardboard boxesGift boxes also made from cardboard, and brands can choose a unique opening style for them. We provide all popular styling options, including tuck-endreverse-tuck-end and seal-end for cardboard custom boxes.

  • Rigid Boxes

You can also buy the most premium type of custom boxes known as rigid boxes. For your premium range of products like wristwatches, aromas and jewellery items, you can purchase custom made rigid boxes. Our professional team will further enhance the appearance of your custom rigid boxes. We use thick cardboard for rigid manufacturing boxes as the thick cardboard makes these boxes rigid.

Add a custom ribbon on rigid boxes and make them feel premium. iCustomBoxes aims to enhance the feel of your luxury product range. Our custom made rigid boxes will help you attract the attention of the customers. Therefore, we offer complete customisation for custom rigid boxes.

Usage of Custom Boxes in industries

Custom boxes wholesale can be used for packaging almost every kind of product. You just have to name the product, and there will be a special custom box for its packaging. Mainly, custom boxes are using in the following industries.

  • Cosmetic Packaging

The cosmetic industry is an evergreen field, and a lot of products sellers are using dedicated custom boxes for cosmetics. Lipsticks, lip balms, foundation and eyeliner, are some accessible selling cosmetics. These items are quite fragile and need useful custom packaging boxesCustom cardboard made boxes are ideal for packing and displaying cosmetics. Brands can add a die-cut window, a grab handle and even print their logo on custom boxes for cosmetics.

  • Retail Packaging

Retail business has shown rapid growth over time. Almost every brand has a retail presence in the market. For retail needs, custom display boxes are mostly using as retailers want to display their products. Soap Boxes UK provides custom retail wholesale boxes at cheap rates. We can help you customise your retail packaging boxes the way you want. We offer free design assistance so that you can choose an iconic design. Soaps, edible items and electronics are hot selling retail items. We provide individual custom boxes wholesale for each of these products. We aim to encourage product sellers to use custom boxes for every product.

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